Bate Papo Meetup Group – January 

On the 16th of January the Anglo Brazilian Society hosted our first opening Bate Papo of this calendar year. We hoped to make it special by having Brazilian Jazz performed by Mario Bahoma.

Bate Papo is a new Portuguese-English conversation group, where you can have a glass of wine and chat in a relaxed and friendly environment. We have created this group as a form of bringing people together to have fun and share experiences and perspectives on Brazil and practice conversational skills of both languages.

Bate Papo Meetup Group – December 12th


On the 12th of December ABS hosted our last Bate Papo of 2017 on the first floor of the Embassy of Brasil. As this was the final event of the year we made it extra special by having Brazilian Jazz performed by Caco Barros and Giuliano Pereira.

During the event there was music, wine, and salgadinhos. The salgadinhos were provided by Sabor de Festa London.

Check out some images and videos from the event below.
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Samba Workshop – 22 August 2017

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Our Samba Workshop was an event carried out in conjunction with the Paraiso School of Samba to help promote the Anglo Brazilian Samba lessons on Tuesdays from 19:00 – 20:00. Our lessons will recommence on the 12th of September.

The event consisted of four main parts. The reception with food and wine started things off with a backtrack of Samba music. This reception was then followed by a video presentation giving a background and introduction to Samba. Once the introduction was completed there was a live presentation on Samba itself and the instruments used when playing Samba music. During this live presentation the audience was encouraged to participate and ended with a group of audience members playing their own Samba beat. Finally the event closed off with a small taster lesson to show how the Samba lessons would feel like if one were to join.

Check out some moments from the event in the videos below!


Carnaval Opening 2017


What is Carnaval

Carnival of Brazil (Portuguese: Carnaval do Brasil, is an annual Brazilian festival held between the Friday afternoon (51 days before Easter) and Ash Wednesday at noon, which marks the beginning of Lent, the forty-day period before Easter. On certain days of Lent, Roman Catholics and some other Christians traditionally abstained from the consumption of meat and poultry, hence the term “carnival,” from carnelevare, “to remove (literally, “raise”) meat.”

Source: Wikipedia

The Event

On the 27th of May ABS hosted a party to celebrate the opening of Carnaval 2017 and announce the upcoming Samba lessons. The party celebrates the spirit of Carnaval. The Sala Brasil (the main events room at the embassy) was decorated to add to the atmosphere and excitement of the night. The party was done in conjunction with the Paraiso School of Samba the London based Samba School.


Paraiso School Of Samba 

Paraíso School of Samba is the only organisation in the UK whose artistic direction is by artists who grew up in the Rio de Janeiro samba community and which closely follows the authentic Brazilian School of Samba structure and objectives, including all its main cultural elements.

Like Brazilian Samba Schools, we play only pure Samba rather than the derivatives usually played in the UK.

We focus on:
– percussion
– music
– dance
– carnival & costume design
– costume & float construction

We carry out the following activities:
– Dance and Bateria (Percussion) workshops
– Education projects
– Performances
– Paraíso members’ events
– Charity events
– Carnivals & Community events

The continuing involvement of our principal artists with major Rio de Janeiro samba schools ensures that the samba culture we bring to the UK is not only uniquely authentic, but is informed by the latest developments there. It is this authenticity which marks us out in the UK.

How the Event unfolded 

U-27 Navio Visit


Rio Olympic Party


Caipirinha Party


What is Caipirinha?

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça  (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar and lime. Cachaça, also known as Pinga or Caninha, is Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage. Although both rum and cachaça are made from sugarcane-derived products, in cachaça the alcohol results from the fermentation of fresh sugarcane juice that is then distilled, while rum is usually made from refinery by-products such as molasses.


ABS Caipirinha Party

On the 14th of July we hosted our annual Caipirinha party where our members and friends could enjoy caipirinhas music and food. The Party is one of our main events every year and this year was no exception!

Speaker’s House

The event was a Parliamentary drinks reception to celebrate the passing of the Olympic baton from the UK to Brazil, and from London to Rio. During the event speakers discussed the importance of bilateral relations between Brazil and the UK, and the central role that the Olympic and Paralympic Games has played in fostering stronger ties between the two countries.


Brazilian musician Marcelo Andrade previewing one of the tunes which would serve as entertainment for the event.

Alan Charlton Talk


About the Book

“Somehow the mantra became that I went to the embassy to shake my briefcase.”

Alan Charlton couldn’t describe diplomacy to his small children beyond saying he went to the Embassy to shake his briefcase.

His new autobiography tells stories about his career in foreign affairs. Shaking my Briefcase explores the serious and comical sides of Alan’s life as a British diplomat in the Middle East, Germany, the Home Front (including peace negotiations on Former Yugoslavia), the United States and Brazil. He learned Arabic and was posted first to Jordan, where he supported the Queen’s ground-breaking visit in 1984. He was then Israel desk officer in the Foreign Office, where he was also involved with the British hostages in Lebanon. He served in Berlin before, during and after the Fall of the Wall and met Rudolf Hess. He was Deputy Chief of the Cabinet Office Assessments Staff during the Iraq-Kuwait war before his toughest assignment, working on Former Yugoslavia including at the Dayton Peace talks in 1995. After spells back in Germany as Deputy Head of Mission and as HR Director in the Foreign Office, he concluded his career as Deputy Head of Mission in Washington and finally British Ambassador to Brazil.

Shaking my Briefcase will appeal to anyone who enjoys a stimulating autobiography including fascinating stories and a twist of humour. It will also appeal to those interested in diplomacy and some of the key foreign affairs’ issues of our time.


Movie Night

We launched our first Movie Night at the Embassy of Brazil on the 27th of April. The film shown was Que Horas Ela Volta? (The Second Mother) a film about unspoken class barriers that exist within a home which comes crashing down when the live-in housekeeper’s daughter suddenly appears.

Movie Night Invite-2

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