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Alma Lusitana: A Brazilian Perspective by Beth Kress

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The exhibition which is curated by Clara Rocha, Alma Lusitana was born out of the desire of photographer Beth Kress to record the influence of Portuguese architecture on some Brazilian cities.

As an expression of love to the two countries, it seeks to emphasise poetic beauty and genuine simplicity while preserving the essence of these places. Walking through the streets of Portugal we come across colourful buildings that remind us of several places in Brazil such as Salvador da Bahia, Ouro Preto, Paraty and others. The Baroque style ingrained in the soul and architecture found in some Brazilian cities is greatly influenced by Portuguese culture and is an important influence in the exhbition.

The relationship between Brazil and Portugal goes far beyond the historical dimension, and there is still a strong bond of friendship and family that unites the two nations and is an aspect which the exhibition looks to portray through the similarities found in both.

Beth Kress

Beth Kress was born in Nova Era, MG/Brazil em 1950. She has a Master's Degree in philosophy from UFMG. Beth has been based in London since 1990, she has also lived in Paris, Nice, Lisbon, Ilha da Madeira, Munich and Boston. Beth is a free spirit, who loves foreign languages and cultures and since a very early age, had passion for the arts. After retiring she felt the need to capture the world through different eyes and started photography courses.

In November 2014 she won the Brazilian International Award UK for photography. Beth has also taken part at Expoart Brazil UK exhibition 2014 in London, 2015 Brazilian Eyes in Miami and the 2017 Expoart Brasil UK. Photography is now a part of her daily life where she looks to capture the beauty of the places she travels to and lives by the saying that "Photography is my passion, it is the food to my soul".

17 July to 26 July 2018
Monday - Friday 2pm - 5pm
Free admission

Gallery 32
Embassy of Brazil in London
14 - 16 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5BL